4 digit Ampere Hour Meter with totaliser – IM2502C

Ajinkya’s 4 Digit Ampere Hour Meter with Totaliser provides a totaliser display along with ampere hour/ ampere minute count display. Most preffered for applications of Electroplating, where precise total charge decides the strength of the plating bath and addition of electrolyte, additive / brightener in the bath to maintain the required strength of the electrolyte.

In battery charging applications, totaliser will indicate the total charge drawn during charging process. It can also be used for discharging applications.

* 4 digit 12.5 mm display for Ampere Hour
* 6 digit 8 mm display for Totalizer
* Membrane keypad for programming
* One set point with relay output rated 230 V / 5 A (resistive)
* Ampere Hour / Ampere Minute selection
* Shunt value programmable at 75mV
* External Reset facility
* Battery backup to retain count in case of power failure.
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Supply 230V AC/ 110 V AC/ 10-30 V DC / 48 V DC / 110 VDC

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