Time Switch is highly versatile, programmable unit which can be used in factories for giving  Alarms, switching time depend­ent loads like Boilers, Furnaces, for saving electricity by switching Light loads, air conditioners as per office hours etc.

It has MODBUS interface which is commonly used interface in PLCs, SCADA systems, DCS etc. With this interface, time switch can be part of the network and can be remotely accessed to know the status of the relays as well can be remotely programmed.

Additional feature of this is, it has programmability of holidays and has 8 outputs. So multiple devices can be controlled from a single timer.

  • 6 digit LED display
  • Microcontroller based circuitary
  • Crystal based clock
  • 24 Holidays programmable
  • 100 steps programme with weekly programming for each channel
  • 8 Open Collector outputs to drive external relays
  • Modbus Serial interface

o   Pannel mount cabinet

o   Supply 230 V AC

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