Ampere Hour Logger IM2511

IM2511 is AH meter with Data Logging Facility. It can log DC Voltage, DC Current, AH count (charge) and / or Watt Hour count (energy).
Programmable voltage range and shunt value, adds to flexibility to work with any DC circuitry.
Display of Voltage and current in single instrument allows user to do away with traditional meters and is cost effective.
The reports are generated in text format by AH Meter which can be either printed on a serial printer or can be exported to PC and viewed in an editor or Microsoft Excel.
Unit is useful for life cycle testing of batteries. It has end voltage setting as well as high and low charge level settings. User can also set independent time interval setting for charging and discharging.

* 4 digit 2 row LED display
* Voltage, current, charge & discharge amp hour count logging
* RS232 interface to connect to PC or to serial printer Or with PC Software
* Log interval settable in hours.min or minute seconds
* Independent log interval in charge and discharge mode
* One relay output rated 230 V / 5 A
* Two setpoints for AH count during discharge mode.
* End Voltage programmable
* Shunt value programmable
* Memory to log around 50,000 logs
* Supply 230 V AC / 110 V AC / 10-30 V DC / 48 V DC
* Panel mount unit size 96×96 mm depth 150mm

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