Ampere Hour Meter IM2501

Ampere Hour meters are used to measure charge flowing in a process. Major areas of apllication are Electroplating and Battery charging; to monitor the charge and discharge of battery. IM 2501 Ampere Meter has 4 digit display, integrated with a facility to provide set point to control the rectifier. Relay is meter by meter, when some amount of charge is made to pass. This relay further turns ON/OFF the rectifier.

* 4 digit 12.5 mm red led  display
* 8 key membrane keypad
* One set point with relay  output rated 230 V / 5 A (resistive)
* Ampere Hour / Ampere Minute selection or Ampere minute / Ampere second selection
* Shunt value programmable at 75mV
* External Reset facility
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Supply 230 V / 110 V / 10-30 V DC or 48V DC

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Ampere Hour Meter