Ampere Hour Profile Controller IM2508

This ampere hour meter is designed to control rectifier during battery formation process.
IM2508 ampere hour profile meter is a programmable step profile type device. In the process of the battery formation, the battery has to be charged at different ampere hour capacity in steps. To list some special features of IM2508 are short circuit monitoring, starting current control and bar forming timer.

* 4 plus 6 digit Display
* Membrane keypad for programming
* Three relay outputs
* Shunt value programmable at 75 mV
* Memory retention in case of power failure
* Start current, bar charging time, Short circuit time programmable
* 0-5 V Output for current control
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Supply 230 V AC / 110 V AC / 10-30 V DC / 48 V DC

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