Battery Monittoring Ampere Hour Meter IM2505

IM2505 is a charge discharge type Ampere Hour Meter which is best suited for tracking / monitoring battery AH in circuit. These are used in applications related to submarine and telecom or in sectors where battery back ups are used; since battery charge is to be monitored to switch on / off charger. It helps load to avoid excessive charging as well as deep discharge. When battery is being charged, the AH count will increment. When batterystarts discharging, AH count will decrement. When AH reaches the lower set point, relay will operate. This can be used to either generate warning alarm or switch off discharge and / or start charger. Relay will remain operated till battery is charged to its full level.

* 6 digit AH count
* Shunt value programmable
* AH / AM mode selection
* Battery back up to retain count in case of power failure
* One relay output rated 230 V / 5A
* Supply 230 V AC / 110 V AC / 10-30 V DC / 48 V DC
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Dust proof membrane keypad

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