Central Ampere Hour Controller IM2513

This model is suited for workstations where multiple jobs of electroplating are being carried out by using independent rectifiers in the same bath. Here IM2513 model acts as a master controller which is further connected to multiple IM2502C ampere hour meters and hence adds to the totaliser counts of such ampere hour meters. Further, depending upon the net count, it controls two doser relay outputs which eventually adds chemicals like additive and brightener to the bath.

User can connect up to 8 AH Meters to master IM2513 AH meter.

• 6 digit display for Total Ampere Hour.
• AH Resolution as multiply by 100
• Provision of a relay output which activates after a preset count for preset time interval.
• Battery back up to retain Ampere Hour count
• Dust proof Membrane keyboard for easy programming.

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