Coke Dispensing Counter IM1811

Ajinkya Electronic Systems manufacture range of multiple Drink Dispensing Counters which are specially designed for drinking water dispenser, cold-drink dispensers. The required quantity of water is user setable, for eg. 200ml, 500ml. At the time of dispensing dispenser automatically calculates and dispenses the required user defined quantity in container. Its unmatched features have made it different for from all other regular dispensing counters.

Some of the features of our drink dispensing counter are:

*For programming dust proof membrane keypad is used
*Highly reliable circuitry microcontroller based
*Supports Four to Six drinks
*Supports three volumes dispensing is supported
*For three volumes three independent start switches
*Automatic time setting option. From keyboard finer adjustments can be done
*Six digits counter each for six drinks and three volumes.
*High accuracy and repeatability of timing as crystal controlled clock
*Irrespective of power conditions permanent count storage
*All this in a very compact size of 96 x 192 mm depth 100 mm
*Time is to be set for only one volume. Timings for other volumes calculated automatically.

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