Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer exporter supplier of Bell Controller. Siren Controller works as a Time Switch to On/OFF Factory/School Siren/Bell. In a Factory siren is to be played at specified fixed timings; say at start of shift, Lunch time so on. Siren interval depends on the event. Typically this is job of security personals to switch on/off siren at predefined time, putting extra burden on them. Now Siren controller, handles the job here. It generates the siren automatically at given timings on preprogrammed duration . User can programme off days so that siren remains off on programmed days of the week.

*Microcontroller based Digital Circuitry
*4 digit LED display
*Continuous Time and Date display
*Dust proof membrane keypad
*Relay outputs rated 230 V / 10 A
*Real Time clock with 10 years battery back up
*Built in Leap Year Adjustment / Day light saving option
*Upto 20 different steps programmable. (64 / 99 optional)
*Optional two season selection with independent programming for each season
*User friendly and Easy to Operate & Install
*Manual Override for relay
*Fully Computerised model with PC Software for programming
*GPS Synchronisation Optional
*Master Slave Clock Optional
*Size 96(W) x 96(H) x 100(D) mm. Also available in Wall Mount Cabinet.

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