DC Energy Meter IM4103

DC Energy meters are panel mount instruments which show the voltage, current and the resistance in the circuit online. These instruments are useful in test and measurement applications where resistance measurement is of importance.High low limits programming with relay output is optional for testing conditions where Go /NOGO indication is of importance.

  • 16×2 LCD display or 4 digit LED display
  • Voltage, current and resistance display
  • DC input voltage range user settable at 75 mV
  • DC shunt input range user settable at 75 mV
  • Auxiliary supply 110-230 V AC or 12/24/48/110 V DC
  • Optional high / low alarm values programmable with relay output
  • Panel mount unit size 96×96 mm
  • Optional RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet Modbus interface

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