Dc Watt Meter IM1401

These DC Watt Meter is a valuable tool for any modeler who flies electric powered models. It is cure to failures of motors, speed controllers, and batteries by providing the information to user needed to operate these items within a safe range. It will also allow safe experimentation with different batteries and propellers to maximize performance of that perticular model. We are manufacturers of efficient DC watt meter that are widely used to measure DC power across the load. This product is highly acknowledged and displays accurate reading. Available in various configurations it can further be customized as per the requirements given by the client. The output can be directly monitored to your existing PLC or SCADA systems

  • 16×2 LCD display or 4 digit LED display
  • Voltage, current and Watt display
  • DC input voltage range user settable at 75 mV
  • DC shunt input range user settable at 75 mV
  • Auxiliary supply 110-230 V AC or 12/24/48/110 V DC
  • Panel mount unit size 96×96 mm
  • Optional RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet Modbus interface

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