VCTS2000 is single platform for various Testing Electrical Circuitry in a Vehicle. VCTS2000 measures and keeps log of various voltages and currents across different electronics circuites used in vehicle. A single system here is used to test on an average around 25 to 50 circuits in a single vehicle, keeping testing procedure errorfree and faster. Eventually increasing productivity.

ECOS offers following benefits to the Vehicle Manufacturers

    • Speeds up Testing
    • Time saved
    • Increase in Production
    • Saving in Man Power
    • Eliminates Manual Errors
    • Accurate and reliable results
    • Generates Automatic Reports
    • No manual Data feeding
    • Stores Data for future reference
    • Data for any vehicle available any time
    • Easy for analysing rejected vehicles
    • Generates SPC reports for Analysis
    • Help in eliminating recurring faults
    • Help in modification of circuits for better performance
  • Clip on type Tong Tester for current measurement. No need to break electrical circuit for testing.
  • Windows 7/8 based user friendly software
  • Self calibration facility
  • Unlimited number of tests per vehicle programmable
  • Unlimited number of Vehicle models programmable&lt
  • Minimum, maximum and peak current rating for each test programmable
  • Unlimited historic data
  • SPC report for a particular test based on model and period
  • Possible to export data in other database formats
  • Password protected settings
  • Operator levels programmable for security
  • Cordless Remote control operation

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