Flameproof Data Logger

For intrinsically safe operations with installations in hazardous areas, Ajinkya offers data loggers in flame proof enclosures. These data loggers use CMRI approved enclosures.

Data loggers are available in wide range of channels from 1 to 16. Inputs can be from dedicated inputs like RTD / thermocouple / 4-20mA / Voltage / Currents etc. Various combinations of these inputs are possible and are factory set as per requirement.

Logger has built in alarms. Various memory options are available with features matching our multichannel data logger as explained in its category.

* 4 digit x 2 row LED display
* 4 keys
* Flame proof enclosure of size 350×350 mm approximately
*Sensor Inputs: RTD / Thermocouple / MV / MA
*Number of channels: 1/ 2/4/8/12/16
*Memory: 32k / 64k / 2MB
*Connectivity: RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP
*Protocol: Modbus / Text etc.
*Log Interval: Minute. Seconds / Hours. Minutes etc
*Alarm: High/ Low / Very High / Very Low / Two relay outputs
*Supply: AC Mains operated / DC Operated

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