Flow Rate Indicator IM1911

Ajinkya Electronic Systems offer a series of digital and versatile IM 1900 indicators that are micro-controller based systems. The flow rate meters are the instrument that are used to measure flow of liquid as well as gas. Our series is classified depending on inputs such as 4-20 mA signal, pulses, unbalance bridge inputs, 0-10 / 100 mV etc. Hence, input can be from wide range of sensors. Additional features as Alarm relay outputs, Retransmission of signal to further control action, set point etc. are also available.

*Micro controller based highly versatile and reliable digital circuitry
Dust proof membrane keyboard for programming

Input from:

*Pulses • 4-20 mA / 0-10 mA / 0-100 mV
*Unbalance bridge Different models with Four digit display / Six digit display / Independent display for Totaliser etc. are available
*One relay output with preset
*Option of 4-20 mA signal output corresponding to flow
*Selectable decimal point for flow • External Reset input to reset totaliser count


*Input: -5-12 V / Potential free pulse -4-20 mA / 0-10 mA / 0-100 mV factory set -Unbalanced bridge
*Displays: -0.5 inch 4 digit / 6 digit or -4 + 6 digit
*Relay output: 230 V / 5A (resi)
*Supply: 230 V / 110 V AC or 24 V DC
*Size: 96 x 96 x 100 / 150 mm.

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