Graphic Data Logger IM2000 G

Ajinkya’s can avail IM2000G series of Graphic Data Logger from us. User can view parameters to be logged in different colour text graphically on TFT LCD display. User can also view on line trend graph, historic graph data on TFT screen without a PC. Thsese are eco-friendly substitutes for old paper recorders / paper pen type strip chart recorders. These can as well be called as paperless chart recorders.

Graphic data loggers are available for 8 / 16 / 24 / 32 channels. It is available as dedicated type input logger as well as universal type logger. Variety type of inputs like thermocouples, RTD sensors, 4-20mA etc are possible.

Data is possible to be on line as well as off line printed on a centronics parallel printer or can be copied to USB flash drive to be viewed independently later. Data can be viewed remotely over GPRS as well. MODBUS interface allows it to be connected to any SCADA or DCS.

Operator can be alerted of alarms by SMS as well. Periodic alerts can be sent by SMS.

Readings can be seen remotely on Jumbo LED displays as well.

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* Display: Graphic 256 colour LCD display
* Sensor Inputs: RTD / Thermocouple / mV / mA / load cell / Universal
* Number of channels: 1/ 2/4/8/16/32
* Memory: 32k / 64k / 2MB / USB Flash etc
* Connectivity: RS232 / USB / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP
* Protocol: Modbus / Text
* Log interval: Minute. Seconds / Hours. Minutes
* Alarm : High/ Low / Very High / Very Low / Common relay/ Two relays/ Individual Channel Relays
* Options: SMS alarm / Centronics Printer interface / Grouping of channels
* Supply: AC Mains operated / DC Operated
* Enclosure: Panel Mount

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