Hand Held Data Logger

Ajinkya Electronic Systems are one of the leading manufacturer, Exporter, supplier of Hand Held Data Logger. These are battery operated portable Data Loggers. Data Loggers are electronic measuring instruments which capture and record data related to physical parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, liquid flow etc. as well as electrical parameters like voltage, current etc for future use and with capability to reproduce the data for end user. The portability of these handheld units offers flexible operating environment. The reading of information, storage and reproducibility are the important parameters that define a data logger.Depending on how each of these parameters are handled data loggers can be classified in various categories and have various nomenclatures. Here are the various parameters that user can select from to choose a data logger.

* 20×4 LCD display
* Membrane keypad for programming
* Sensor Input from RTD / 4-20mA / mV / Voltage
* USB / RS232 / Ethernet interface
* Build in rechargeable battery for 8 hours of operation
* Hand held poly carbonate cabinet
* Optional RF wireless communication interface

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