Humidity / Rh Data Logger

Our Humidity/ Rh Data Loggers that are highly versatile monitoring & recording units. These can accept input from different type of humidity sensors as well as RTD sensor for Dry Bulb / Wet Bulb measurement technique. Moreover, these loggers can be used for monitoring of clean rooms, green rooms, server rooms, storage rooms & environment chambers in various industries, such as pharmaceutical, textile, cement, & logistics.

These loggers are also available in multi channel configurations. In ware houses or where monitoring area is large, single sensor is not sufficient and multiple sensors are to be mounted across the plant. In such situations, multi channel temperature humidity data loggers can be used. They are available in 8 / 16 / 32 channel temperature humidity loggers.

High Low alarm values are independently programmable. Logger offers option of common alarm relay output or individual channel relay output. The SMS alerts on alarm is optional.

*Display: 7 segment LED display / Alphanumeric LCD display / Graphic LCD display
*Sensor Inputs: RTD Pt100 / 4-20 mA Humidity Sensor /0-10 or 0-3 V from Humidity Sensor.
*Memory: 32k / 64k / 2MB / USB Flash etc
*Connectivity: RS232 / USB / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP etc
*Protocol: Modbus / Text etc.
*Options : SMS alarm / Serial Printer / Centronics Parallel printer
*Alarm: High/ Low / Very High / Very Low
*Log Interval: Minute. Seconds / Hours. Minutes
*Supply: AC Mains operated / DC Operated / Battery Operated
*Enclosure: Panel Mount / DIN Size / Wall mount / Table Top.

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