Jigger Controller

Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer exporter supplier of Jigger Controllelr. Jiggar Controller is for Automation of Jiggar Operation used in Textile Mills. Forward and reverse rotation of motor can be controlled precisely, so that exact same length of cloth is wound on the roller, without any error. Unit displays the count and to display length based on revolution pulses through proximity or optical encoder. The controller can operate in manual mode to adjust the cloth on either side of the rollers before starting the operation. The unit is ideal for jiggar machines manufacturer as well as textile manufacturers and comes with compact size of 96 x 96 mm.

• Microcontroller based Digital Circuitry
• 4 digit x 2 row LED display.
• Dust proof membrane keypad.
• Proximity / Optical encoder input for rotation length sensing.
• Two Relay outputs rated 230V / 5A for Forward and Reverse Motor control.
• Counts programmable
• Automatic Motor switching on counts
• Auto / Manual mode of control
• NiCd rechargeable battery back up for count in case of power failure.
• Number of cycles programmable
• Size 96(W) x 96(H) x 150(D) mm.

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jigger controller