Large Display Size Counter IM1813

Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer, exporter, supplier of Digital Counter, or simply counter. This is the counter to count the occurance of any perticular event. Counter is incremented by one every time when it is clocked by external pulse. Major area of applications could be production lines, people counter, etc.

*Display: 4 / 6 digit Single / Dual
*Settings: Membrane Keyboard
*Count Mode: Up / Down
*Input: Proximity / Potential free Contacts Optical Encoder / Quaderature
*Output: Upto 3 Relays. More relays possible.
*Battery Backup: Optional
*Prescaling: Optional. Multiplying / dividing constant programmable 0.000001 to 999999
*Reset: External Manual / Auto / Programmable time
*Other Options: External Start / Stop / RS232 /Modbus Connectivity

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