Load indicators are weighing indicators  / controllers suitable for material dispensing applications. For discharging of material, usually pump or solenoid valve or a gate etc is used. On operation of the dispensing device, due to inertia as well as mechanical delays in switching off; additional material is discharged over and above the set value.

Inflation setting is for correction of this error in discharging. User can set the value of extra material being discharged which will be subtracted from the set point and the discharging device is switched off prior to set point is reached avoiding the extra material discharge. eg. if set point is 10 kg and inflation setting is 250 gm, then relay will operate at 9.75 kg giving allowance for the extra material to be discharged.

These controllers find applications in material discharge, batching and weighing applications, dispensing controllers etc.

* 4 digit LED display
* Direct interface to load cell
* Software calibration
* Tare facility
* Two set points with one for inflation correction
* One relay output
* RS232 / RS485 Modbus interface optional
* Optional 4-20mA retransmission output
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Supply 230 V AC

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