Load Elongation Indicator IM1508

In material testing applications, along with load, the elongation of the material under test is also to be measured. Ajinkya offers a complete solution for such applications as tensile testing, compression testings, young modulus apparatus, spring testing, box compression testing and universal testing (UTM) etc.

Elongation input can be from extonsometer, strain gauge, lvdt, encoder or from proximity sensor to sense revolution. Input can be pulse input or analog input such as 0-10 V / 0-1 V or 4-20mA.

* 4 + 4 digit LED display
* Direct interface to load cell
* Software calibration
* Input from pulse or analog input
* Tare facility
* Relay output for motor movement
* Optional relay outputs for up / down movement, speed selection
* Multiple load cell calibration / selection
* Unit selection
* Factor for elongation pulses with resolution of 0.1 mm or more as required
* RS232 / RS485 interface optional
* Supply 230 V AC

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