Modbus Data Logger

Modbus is a popular industrial communication protocol that is used by many manufacturers of instruments and sensors. Modbus Data logger can be interfaced with the existing onsite indicator to record/ reproduce the data. We have Modbus Data Logger that can read data from these instruments to record them periodically. These loggers can be customized as per the site requirements. Though basic operation of any data logger is to record the values of process parameters; However it is important that recorded data is presented to the user in timely and prescribed manner. Also any discrepancies in the readings are conveyed to the operator in the fastest manner for quick action.

These data loggers can accept data from number of modbus devices and various register addresses. Data type can be integer or floating type as required. Usually these are field configurable. However, they can be factory set as per requirement as well.

For large data, options are available to save data directly to USB flash drive or to SD card.

* 4 digit 2 row LED display

* Membrane keypad for programming

* Number of modbus parameters upto 64

* Types integar / floating / swapped floating

* Modbus function supported 3 for reading data

* RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP interface

* High low alarm optional

* Size 96×192 mm depth 150 mm or 96×96 mm

* Supply 110-230 VAC

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