Multichannel Scanner IM20001 N

Ajinkya’s IM2100 series of Multichannel Scanners are designed for monitoring process parameters. These parameters may includes temperature, humidity, pressure and flow. Values are displayed sequentially at pre-programmed time interval which is known as scan time. Scanners are good for data acquisition system; where local recording is not desired and are also used to communicate with scada software. We offer these multichannel scanners at competitive market rates.

These scanners offer high low alarm programmability on individual channel. Alarm relays are either common for all channels or can be independent for individual channels. SMS alerts are also possible under alarm conditions.

*Display: 7 segment led display
*Sensor inputs: rtd / thermocouple / mv / ma / load cell / universal
*Connectivity: rs232 / usb / rs485 / ethernet tcp/ip etc
*Protocol: modbus
*Alarm: high/ low / very high / very low
*Supply: ac mains operated / dc operated
*Enclosure: panel mount / din size / wall mount / flameproof

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