Production Analyser IM2200

Production Analyzers are useful tool for manufacturing and production units. It has ability to store and analyze the production rate further. Number of objects are conted and count is stored in memory, which can be reused. It has ability to store the production count in memory which can be retrieved at the end of day.Unit is a combination of Counter + Totalizer + Rate Indicator + Memory storage with compact size of 96 x 96 DIN.


*Six digit Counter with programmable multiplying / dividing constant.
*Rate indicator to show production per hour or production per minute.
*Time totaliser to indicate how long the machine has been running upto 9999.59 hours.
*Production data storage. Production in last eight hours / 24 hours is stored in memory, Battery back up for storage in case of power failure.
*Decimal point display user selectable in format XXXXXX or XXXXX.X or XXXX.XX.
*External enable input for starting counter and time totaliser.
*Option to start time totaliser operation only when external pulses for counting are coming. (Factory set).
*Pulse input from Proximity sensor or potential free contact.
*Production rate display selectable as production per minute or production per hour.
*All this in compact size of 96 x 96 x 150 mm.

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