Programmable Ammeter IM1953

An ammeter is a measuring device used for measurement of electric current in any electrical circuit. The majority of ammeters are either connected in series configuration with the circuit carrying the current to be measured or have their shunt resistors connected in series in similar way. These ammeters are acknowledged for their smooth functioning, reliability and high efficiency. Moreover, these can be customised with various features like peak hold, retransmission output, MODBUS serial PC Interface. Other models available in catagory are: Ampere hour meters, Watt meters, Current Voltage loggers etc.

* 4 digit LED display
* Membrane keypad for programming
* For DC /  AC current measurement (Factory set)
* Shunt / CT value programmable
* High Low alarm values programmable (Optional)
* Relay output for alarm
* Optional peak hold feature
* Auxiliary supply 110-230 V AC or 12/24/48/110 V DC
* Panel mount unit size 96×96 mm
* Optional RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet Modbus Interface

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