Ramp Soak Controller

Ramp-soak-controller used to control the rate of rise (ramp) of temperature or controlled parameter. The process parameter to be controlled can be maintained to the pre-programmed value for pre- programmed time as per requirement. Ramp down is available as an option.

*Micro controller based circuitry
*Dual display for set point and current temperature
*Dust proof membrane keypad for programming
*Rate of rise of temperature programmable
*Soaking time interval programmable
*Ramp down rate programmable (Optional)
*Heating and cooling (Optional) outputs
*PID Control algorithm
*Data logging Option
*On line data printing with serial printer option


*Input: RTD Pt100 / Thermocouple / 4-20 mA Range:Linearized Output:Relay / *SSR Compatible / 4-20 mA / 0-10 V
*Ambient compensation: Built in Accuracy 0.1 C / 0.2 C +/- 1 digit (range 199.9 / 399.9) 1 C +/- 1 C for thermocouple Supply: 230 V AC / 110 V AC / 24 V DC Size: 96 x 96 mm depth 150 mm


*Cooling output
*Ramp down setting
*Real time clock
*RS232 Data output
*Mod bus interface
*Data Logging

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