Rate Meter with Totalizer IM1820

IM 1900 series indicators are micro controller based systems to display rate of flow of liquid or gas etc. Rate meters totalisers are used for measurement of linear speed of various quantitiess like wire or any items produced with winding machines, yarn, paper as well as flow of liquid or gas.

Different models are available to accept inputs as

*4-20 MA signal
*Unbalance bridge inputs
*0-10 / 100 MV etc.

Thus it can be interfaced to wide range of sensors. Various options as Alarm relay outputs, Retransmission of signal, set point etc. are available.


*Micro controller based highly versatile and reliable digital circuitry.
*Dust proof membrane keyboard for programming.
*Input from Pulses
*4-20 MA / 0-10 MA / 0-100 MV
*Unbalance bridge

Different models with Four digit display / Six digit display / Independent display for Totaliser etc. are available.
*One relay output with preset
*Option of 4-20 mA signal output corresponding to flow.
*Selectable decimal point
*External Reset input to reset totaliser count.

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