Single Channel Data Logger

Ajinkya offers to our clients single channel data logger that can accept only one type of input. The input is factory set and can be from the required sensor. Some application receives input from data stream rather than sensors; such as modbus or a dedicated protocol. Single channel data logger can be configured to accept data input from the string; extract reading from it that can be stored in memory.

User has various options for memory storage as well as retrieval. In case of very fast logging of data eg in seconds or 100s of  milliseconds or where data is to be logged over a very long period, logger can store data directly in USB flash drive or a SD Card.

Data can be viewed online by connecting the logger to PC with our own DLOG PC Software.

Alarm programmability with relay output as well as SMS alerts is optional facility.

There are many variants of these loggers depending on type of inputs as

AC Voltage logger
AC Current Logger
Humidity Logger / Rh Logger
Flow logger
DC power logger
AH Logger

* 4 digit LED display / 16×1 LCD display
*Sensor inputs: rtd / thermocouple / mv / ma / load cell / Voltage / AC Current / AC Voltage / Pulse
*Memory: 32k / 64k / 2mb / usb flash etc
*Connectivity: rs232 / usb / rs485 / ethernet tcp/ip etc
*Protocol: modbus / text etc.
*Options: sms alerts on alarm
*Alarm: high/ low / very high / very low
*Log interval: minute. Seconds / hours. Minutes
*Supply: ac mains operated / dc operated / battery operated
*Enclosure: panel mount / Wall mount

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