Many offices, all schools required to trigger siren/bell at predefined times; typically this is job of security personals to switch on/off siren at predefined time, putting extra burden on them. Now Siren controller, handles the job here. It generates the siren automatically at given timings on preprogrammed duration Siren Controller Is Time Switch to controlFactory/School Siren/Bell. Siren interval varies depens on the the type of event eg. Start of shift, lunch time, etc. Now with Siren controller,it is possible to generate these siren automatically at given timings for preprogrammed duration .It is possible to programmed off days so that siren remains off on weekly.

Real Time Clock with 10 Year Adjustment.
*Y2K Complaint Clock with Leap Year Adjustment.
*Upto 20 different steps programmable.(64 optional)
*User freindly and easy to operate.
*Easy to Install.
*Size 96(w)x96(h)x100(D)mm Also available in Wall Mount Cabinet.


*Factory sirens
*school Bells
*college Bells
*Hospital Sirens

Also available time switch for controlling

*Street/Factory/ Garden Lights
*Neon Sign Boards
*Air conditioners/Water Coolers

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