Six Digit Ampere Hour Meter IM2506

IM2506 model which comes with 6 digit display as compared to IM2501 Ampere Hour Meter which can show AH count upto 4 digits. This model can be used with any kind of load circuit as the shunt value can be programmed by the user as per the application. The instrument is provided with one relay output to alert the user when the sufficient charge has been delivered using alarm, tower lamp, etc. It can also be used to directly cut off the rectifier.

* 6 digit AH count
* Shunt value programmable
* AH / AM mode selection
* Battery back up to retain count in case of power failure
* One relay output rated 230 V / 5A
* Supply 230 V AC / 110 V AC / 10-30 V DC / 48 V DC
* Size 96×96 mm depth 150 mm
* Dust proof membrane keypad

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