Sms Data Logger

Ajinkya Electronic Systems are manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of data Loggers Since 1988. To alert a user when process parameter exceeds the limits is an important function of a data logger. The IM2000 SMS Data Logger series provides High/Low alarm relay outputs.User can have common relay for all the channels or can have saperate relay for each channel. These channels can be grouped as well. It is desirable that apart from the user, the other concerned persons in the plant should know that there is an alarm. SMS Data Logger generates a text SMS message whenever the alarm condition is observed. User can receive periodic process updates as well through text messages. It can also be used to send data to remote PC connected to GSM Modem. These loggers use GPRS technology to transfer data from one point to another without need of any wired communicating channel, which eventually allows user to monitor the field conditions any-where in the world at any given point of time.

* Display: 7 segment LED display / Alphanumeric LCD display / Graphic LCD display
* Sensor Inputs: RTD / Thermocouple / mV / mA / load cell / Universal OR Digital inputs
* Number of channels: 2/4/6/8/12/16/20/24/32/48/64.
* Memory: 32k / 64k / 2MB / USB Flash etc
* Connectivity: RS232 / USB / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP / GPRS
* SMS alerts / GPRS data
* Alarm: High/ Low / Very High / Very Low / Common relay/ Two relays
* Log Interval: Minute. Seconds / Hours. Minutes etc
* Supply: AC Mains operated / DC Operated
* Enclosure: Panel Mount / DIN Size / Wall mount / Table Top / Flameproof

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