Temp Humidity Contoller with Totaliser IM3509

Temperature Humidity Controllers are micro controller based highly versatile controllers for combined control of temperature and humidity. Controller is available with PID control algorithm. Control parameters are user configurable on site. Controllers are available which can accept input from different type of humidity sensors as well as RTD sensor for dry bulb / wet bulb measurement techniques. Useful in pharmaceutical industry, environment chambers, green house rooms etc.


*Microcontroller based Digital Circuitry
*Two Row Four digit LED display for parameter indication.
*Dust proof membrane keypad for programming.
*Input interface: PT 100 RTD for temperature.
*RTD for Dry / Wet bulb technique.
*4-20 mA from Humidity sensor
*0-10 V or 0-3 V from Humidity sensor.(Factory set).
*Control algorithm independent PID
*NV RAM storage to retain set point in case of power failure.
*Control output: Relay outputs rated 230V / 5A (resistive).
*RS 232 Serial Interface for PC or Serial Printer (Optional).
*Real time Clock (Optional).

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