Timer with power compensation find application where the total time the device / a process is to be switched on is fixed irrespective of power failures. The classical example of this is for dripping in agriculture. Here a drain valve is switched on and off for certain amount of time. Considering the power failures in between, there is a need of device which will compensate for this power failure interval and keep the cycle going for total preprogrammed time interval .

IM1700 Series timers have following features. For a given step there are three values programmable. On time, off time and total time interval. From on to off time, the relay will remain on for the programmed time interval. e.g. if on time is 12.00 and off time is 16.00 and time interval is 2.00, then from 12.00 hours to 16.00 hours, the relay will remain on only for 2 hours. Even if power fails, this time will be compensated. However if the power doesn’t come before off time, the remaining time will be abandoned. But if power is on and total time is not over till off time, relay will continue to remain on till time period is not over.

  • Microcontroller based digital circuitry.
  • Dust proof membrane keypad for programming.
  • NV storage memory to store data
  • Built in Real time clock
  • Relay outputs rated 230V, 5A (resi).
  • Permanent storage for timings  programmed.
  • Compact size 96 x 96 mm depth 100 mm or wall mount

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