Two Channel Data Logger

Two channel data logger is a variant of multichannel data logger with fixed type of two analog inputs. These inputs can be temperature as in thermocouple or RTD, mV, mA or any other such inputs from external sensors. It can also be difference in temperature.
These loggers are usually available in panel mount type in small size of 96×96 mm DIN.
User has various options for memory storage as well as retrieval. In case of very fast logging of data eg in seconds or 100s of milliseconds or where data is to be logged over a very long period, logger can store data directly in USB flash drive or a SD Card.Data can be viewed online by connecting the logger to PC with our own DLOG PC Software.Alarm programmability with relay output as well as SMS alerts is optional facility.Depending on inputs, these loggers are dedicatedly also known as Temperature humidity loggerHere one input is temperature sensor and other input is humidity sensor or it can be dry bulb wet bulb type measurement with both inputs of RTD type. ideally suitable for applications of room ambient monitoring and lab instrumentation applications.

* 4 digit LED display
* Number of channels 2
* Input K type thermocouple and Differential K type
* Resolution 0.1 C for Differential Channel
* Real time clock
* USB Interface to connect to PC
* Size 96×192 mm depth 150 mm
* Supply 230 V AC

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