Two Channel RPM Indicator IM1929

Two channel RPM indicators can receive inputs from two sources, to indicate the speed of rotating machines. Available with various options like master slave display units, PC connectivity, direct displays, high / low alarm, etc. have made our product appreciable in the market.


*Dust proof membrane keyboard (various models)
*Wide range of rpm 0.01 to 999999 rpm
*Microcontroller based highly versatile and reliable digital circuits
*Four to six digit display
*One preset count with relay output at preset count.
*Pulse counting
*Multiplying / dividing constant programmability


*Range: 0.01 to 9999 rpm (4 digit unit)
*Input: Proximity / Encoder / Optical sensor / mV
*Decimal point: Floating / Selectable
*Supply: 230 V 50 Hz AC / 110 V AC / 24 V DC / 12 V DC
*Size: 96×96 mm depth 100 mm.

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