At Ajinkya Electronic Systems, microcontroller based highly versatile controllers are available with various control algorithm like On / Off, Proportional, PI or PID. User can choose & adapt suitable control action from the listed depending on process requirement.

  • Microcontroller based Digital Circuitry
  • Four digit LED display for parameter indication.
  • Optional 4 digit display for set point display.
  • Dust proof membrane keypad for programming.
  • Input interface: Pt 100 or Thermocouple or 4 t0 20 mA as per the requirement.
  • Control algorithm On/Off, P, PI or PID with programmable control constants.
  • NV RAM storage to retain set point in case of power failure.
  • Control output Relay outputs rated 230V / 5A (resistive) or 4-20 mA
  • Independent Heat and Cool relay outputs optional.
  • High Low relay alarm outputs optional.
  • 4-20 mA or 0-10 V Control output optional.
  • RS 232 Serial Interface for PC or Serial Printer (Optional)
  • Size 96 x 96 x 150 mm. (DIN standard).
  • Calibration Certification as per ISO9000 norms.

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