Water Level Controller with Timer & Overflow Sensors IM1730

Ajinkya Electronic Systems provides water level controller which is most popular in housing societies. Water is a precious natural resource and it’s our social responsibility to save water whenever and wherever possible. In cities we get treated water and which makes it more precious. So there is a need to use this resource judiciously and carefully. In societies there are overhead tanks which gets filled periodically from the underground tank. The prosess requires man power for timely switching off the pump to avoid dry running as well as overflow of the water. The water level controller for societies offers a smart solution for pumping of the water to overhead tanks in buildings..

It avoids:
*Dry Running of the Pumps
*Overflowing of over head tanks
*Manual operation
And this results in
*Water Saving
*Man power Saving
*Electricity Saving
*Plus it offers pump protections to safe guard the pump against electrical extremities

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