For applications mostly for monitoring of environmental parameters like ambient temperature, humidity, rain fall, wind direction etc. a data logger needs to be mounted in open and it has to be in a weather proof enclosure to avoid effect or sunlight and rain.
In applications where environment is very harsh and is full of conductive dust eg metal fabrication, forge and mines; it is required data logger to be of weather proof type with IP65 or IP67 rated.
In applications related to pollution monitoring or dust monitoring, the data logger has to be protected from gases and dust. Here again the requirement is for weather proof type of logger.
We at Ajinkya offer IP65 / IP67 rated data logger for various applications like flow monitoring, pollution parameters monitoring, weather parameters monitoring and in general data logging of physical parameters like temperature, humidity etc.

• Technical Specifications
• * 16×1 / 16×2 or Graphic LCD display
• * Membrane keypad for programming
• * External input : 4-20mA / Pulse Input
• * Range user settable
• * Wall mount type IP65/ IP67 rated enclosure
• * Supply 12 / 24/ 48 V DC Or 110-230 V AC or as per requirement

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