Scrolling / Message Display

In scrolling message displays the information to be shown is scrolled across the display board. These displays are highly beneficial in applications where there is a lack of space and the data to be displayed is lengthy.

Scrolling message displays available in various sizes/lines are used in Industries for displaying messages to their workers, in buses and trains for displaying location names and in showrooms for displaying brand names, prices etc

* Dot matrix scrolling display suitable for indoor/outdoor viewing
* Single/Multiple lines
* Input through PC software
* RS232/ RS485/ Ethernet interface with PC or PLC
* Color: Red
* Wall mounted/ hanging type MS Cabinet
* Supply 230V AC

*Indoor as well as outdoor visibility displays
*Various character sizes
*Numeric as well as alphanumeric character displays with multilingual support
*Different colours like red, green, amber, blue etc.
*RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet TCP/IP interface with ASCII / Modbus protocol
*GSM Interface. Display update through SMS